Harry Potter and the Pandering Social Enviornment

Hagrid: It sure is dark in here Harry.

Harry: Lumos

Hagrid: Ahhh, you did it, Harry! You’re magic! You’re the magic boy, Harry!

Ron: I am your peer, Harry. I envy you and am lesser. I am jealous of your skills and power and sexual appeal to females, but I nonetheless like and support you loyally.

Harry: Thanks, Ron.

McGonagall: Be careful, though, Harry. Not all of your peers are like Ron.

Hagrid: Haven’t you ever been bullied, Harry? Made to feel small? Encountered peers that you don’t get along with?

Harry: I have, in fact! How did you know?

Hagrid: They’re evil, Harry. Those ones are evil.

McGonagall: Now the most evil one is called Voldemort. He is evil evil evil. He is made of icky gross snakes and is bald and ugly. He smells like bad icky gross butt farts. And his favorite food is spiders.

Harry: But this is scary to me.

Hagrid: Don’t you worry there, Harry! Hahahaha. Don’t you know? You’re the special one!

McGonagall: That’s right, Harry. You’re the most special person in the world. You matter more than others. Your life is worth more.

Harry: But why do I matter the most?

Hagrid: Because your mother loves you, Harry! She died for for. Her love is perfect and selfless and unconditional, and you should never question it.

Dumbledore: You see, Harry, you never like most children had to encounter your mother as an alien subjectivity, a being separate from you, distinct, with her own private emotions, the occasional feigning headaches when you wanted to play and she wanted to be alone and so on. Your father, meanwhile, died before any power struggle could emerge in the family unit. Your replacement family could therefore be demonized without as traumatic implications: they are not your real family. Your family’s absence, therefore, in physical manifestation, protected you from their psychological or metaphysical absence. So you see.

Harry: That’s pretty dark, professor Dumbledore.

Hagrid: No, Harry! Don’t you worry! You’re powerful enough to deal with anything.

McGonnigal: Even death is not an obstacle for you. You are the center and core of the universe.

Dumbledore: Yes, Harry. Your sexual efficacy, symbolized by your particularly special “wand”, and all that this efficacy implies, is beyond question.

Harry: That’s great, I think.


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